I am a 25 year old female who was always healthy my entire life. I was a 2-sport athlete in High School and participated in AAU sports as well. In June of 2015 I became extremely ill, to the point I could not walk up and down the stairs. After multiple ER visits and doctors telling me it was the flu, they finally diagnosed me with Clostridium Difficile. I remember sitting in the ER and my Mom saying, “My friend had C diff and it is horrible and hard to get rid of”. They gave me IV Flagyl and sent me on my way with a script of Flagyl to take for the next 2 weeks. I became violently sick, but knew the antibiotics would take care of the problem.

I successfully completed the antibiotics and started to feel better. Within one week, the symptoms returned. I made an appointment with a specialist outside of Boston who put me on another round of antibiotics. Same thing, I felt great and then it returned. That is when I decided to make an appointment with Doctor Allegretti at Brigham and Women’s. I had already missed a month of work and was deathly ill. Doctor Allegretti put a plan in place to do another round of antibiotics and if it didn’t work we would then go on to the Fecal Transplant from the Microbiome lab. Doctor Allegretti re-affirmed me that there was extensive, comprehensive research on fecal transplants and there had been a lot of progress made from research At this point, I was terrified, I knew people died from this when it became antibiotic resistant like mine had. Doctor Allegretti was the best- she kept me calm and was optimistic about the path we were taking.

Another round of antibiotics did not do the trick. We then moved onto the fecal transplant where the statistics were amazing for the first-time patients. Rarely did people need another round of it. Well- I was that very small statistic of the first time not working. I then went onto the second round after being ill again. The second time was exactly like the first. Go to Brigham and Women’s, take 30 capsules in one sitting and go home. Over the next few weeks I felt better and slowly started returning to regular activities. Over the course of having CDiff 5 times, I lost over 70 pounds!!!! Doctor Allegretti and the Microbiome lab truly saved my life at 25 years old. I honestly would not be here if it were not for my Doctor and the Lab.

I hear of so many younger people having cdiff in today’s world when it is supposed to be an “older persons” disease. It is quite funny that antibiotics can cause c diff- yet we treat c diff with antibiotics. My world would be completely different if it wasn’t for the extensive research that was put forward to fecal transplants.