My name is Lisa Comis, I am a RN and have been working in the Cardiac Surgical ICU since 1982.
I graduated from New England Deaconess Hospital School of Nursing in 1980 and this past May 2017,
I obtained my BSN from Emmanuel College. I have been had my CCRN/CSC certification for about 15 years, as well as keeping up to date with ACLS. I have also been a member of the Nurse Practice Council for the past 3 years.


In May of 2013, I worked with a small group of nurses exploring ways to decrease the CLABSI rate in our CSICU and presented at the BWH poster presentation. We attended NTI, researched dressing products, visited peer hospitals with lower CLABSI rates, and discovered that the SorbaView dressing product was more effective in maintaining an occlusive central line dressing with our patients who had PA catheters and triple lumen, and multimumen AVA catheters with challenging central line dressings. We trialed the product, observed and re-educated nurses in our ICU and followed up with an audit. We also developed a line cart in 2014, to ensure consistency of insertion kits and to proven need to leave the pt’s room. Our unit was successful in accomplishing our goals, with an improvement in our CLABSI rates after evaluation was completed in 2014. We officially changed our practice and continue to use the Sorbaview central line dressing kit, which although was more expensive that the Tegaderm kits ($17.08 vs. $16.10), the use of fewer central line kits resulted in an annual cost saving of $1,644 with the use of the SorbaView dressing kit.