What does it mean to achieve Magnet® designation, and why is this credential so critical to the future of the Brigham? This session will answer both questions and more, highlighting the Brigham’s journey toward Magnet® designation including exemplars from our application currently under review.  Magnet® designates exceptional health care organizations as “Magnet hospitals” based on multiple criteria that measure and recognize quality patient care/outcomes, interprofessional collaboration, professional development opportunities, innovation and shared decision making.  Magnet hospitals are defined by a culture of excellence and innovation, which thrives throughout the entire institution and is recognized as a marker of excellence among health care organizations and hospitals. The discussion will include clinical nurses who are involved in the work highlighted in our Magnet application and the work that exemplifies Magnet® designation. The overall focus of the session is to educate the Brigham community as to what it means to be a Magnet hospital and highlight the work that has been featured in the BWH Magnet application.