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BRIght Futures Prize

Launched in 2005, the overarching mission of the Brigham Research Institute is to accelerate discoveries that improve human health; supporting strategies include fostering groundbreaking, interdepartmental, and interdisciplinary research, ranging from basic fundamental studies to clinical innovations.

BRIght Futures Fund Overview

The BRIght Futures Prizes support investigators across the Brigham Research Institute (BRI) as they work to answer provocative questions or solve grand problems. 

This Fund, which is supported philanthropically, and the work it sponsors advances the mission of the BRI by catalyzing the kind of innovative translational research that is only possible at an academic medical center, where basic researchers and clinicians work side by side. The BRIght Futures Prize generates excitement and visibility for the BRI among the Brigham research community as well as external visibility for Brigham research and innovation – with patients, donors and the world.

Applications are evaluated on the basis of a Brigham strategic and scientific review.  Finalists are selected based on input from a Brigham review committee and recommendations from the Brigham Research Oversight Committee (ROC). Ultimate selection will be based on the results of an online voting process open to anybody within and outside of the Brigham including the lay public around the world.

By the Numbers

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New Hires
$ 20000000
in additional research funding
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in funding awarded since 2012

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