November 12, 2020

A Nasal Spray to Prevent the Transmission of Respiratory Viruses

11 – 11:45am

The pandemic outbreaks, such as COVID-19, have a substantial global social and economic impact affecting billions of people. Its predominant mode of transmission is the inhalation of contaminated aerosols. The virus invades the airways through specific cell types, including goblet cells in the nasal mucosa. We are developing a pocket-sized nasal spray that can capture and kill inhaled viruses within the nasal cavity. In our demo at Discover Brigham 2020, we will use a 3D printed model of a transparent nasal cavity to visualize the spray deposition in the nasal cavity.  We will spray the nasal formulation into the 3D printed model, pre-coated with a dye that undergoes a color change in the presence of moisture in the nasal spray. We will also demonstrate how nasal spray captures the inhaled virus-like particles. This experiment would provide a comprehensive understanding of the spray coverage in the nasal cavity and its effectiveness towards capturing respiratory pathogens.

Presenters: John Joseph and Nitin Joshi, PhD