The latest funding opportunities, resources and award announcements.
The Brigham offers a broad range of funding opportunities that cover all areas of research and support faculty at all levels. The various funding mechanisms, which can be found on this page, are regularly assessed and updated based on the feedback and needs of the community.
In addition, the Brigham Research Institute organizes the review committee to nominate applicants for limited-submission, external funding opportunities where the number of applicants per institution is capped. 
Below are some of the various funding mechanisms available, featured in various sortable and filterable tables to easily find the funding opportunities of most interest ranging from your research aims to your career development goals. Each tab also includes an archive of past-due opportunities, in case you are interested in browsing previous opportunities that may be offered again in future years.

Latest Funding Opportunities

Click on a tab below to view a pre-filtered subset of funding opportunities. You can also add a filter within any of these tabs by clicking on the “Filter” button in the menu bar above each table.

For example, you could click Filter and then Add a Condition: Where “Eligibility” – “has all of” –  “Postdocs” AND “Non-citizens Eligible”. This will shown only opportunities that are open to international postdocs.

You can also Search for a term or keyword that appears anywhere in the opportunity, by clicking the magnifying glass at the top right of the list of opportunities. For example, if you search “Cancer“, it will pull up the Lung Cancer Discovery Award, as well as any awards sponsored by the Cancer Research Institute, as well as any awards that mention cancer in their longer description.

Note: the deadlines listed in these tables are the first required deadline — whether for LOI, internal review, or full proposal.

Call for Nominations for Distinguished Awards and Prizes

Learn eligibility requirements for awards, as well as the nomination, selection or application process for the respective awards.

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