Things to Know for BWH Researchers


This page offers a brief guide and introduction to the key offices, entities, events and contacts for BWH researchers. Please refer to each entry’s main website for more details.

Embedded below is a table, grouped by type, which includes a brief description of each resource followed by the link and/or an email to contact to learn more. You may need to scroll to the right to see the links, or you can expand the record by clicking on it and pressing “Space” on your keyboard.

If you prefer a more at-a-glance format, you can click here to download a PDF version that only includes the name, type, and link/email for each resource (still color-coded and grouped by type).

The groups of resources included here are: General Research, News & Events, Funding, Staffing, Clinical Research, Training & Development, Innovation, Get Visible & Get Involved, and Other.

Click here to download a PDF flyer version.

Upcoming Events

Research & Innovation News