BRI Research Faculty and Trainee Lunch: Instructors

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Friday, May 4th, 12 – 1PM, Zinner Boardroom

The Brigham Research Institute (BRI) hosted a group of instructors and research leadership for an open discussion of the various opportunities and resources that are available at the hospital. Paul Anderson, MD, PhD, Chief Academic Officer began the event by acknowledging his appreciation for the instructors’ attendance, noting the importance of taking advantage of these types of opportunities. The purpose of the lunch was to learn more about the needs and concerns of researchers at this specific rank, while offering a chance for them to provide feedback directly to the BRI.

Following introductions, a dialogue among the group began concerning funding opportunities, advancement, support, core activities, and work-life balance. Researchers were encouraged to speak their minds and offer suggestions for what the BRI can do to make their professional lives better. Many asked to hear more about funding and were given an in-depth description of the many opportunities currently available to them. Another point of interest was family related matters and how leadership and researchers could work together to create a better overall work-life balance. Instructors also expressed interest in seminars and workshops on time management, asked questions about drop-in space, and were curious as to how they could navigate innovation and commercialization through the iHub. Overall, this forum served its purpose in allowing instructors to be heard and make connections with each other, as well as with the Executive Committee. Events such as these are an important component of a strong support system at BWH that researchers can rely on when facing challenges.