Postdoc Policy


Please note: Some of the information in this Policy will be changing soon.

BWH is in the process of increasing the minimum salary scale for BWH Postdoctoral Fellows to 20% above the NIH/NRSA scale, which will become mandatory in October 2024. BWH is also making a number of process improvements to streamline annual PGY changes and salary increases. The Policy will be updated to reflect these changes after the process improvements are finalized.

The BWH Postdoc Policy provides guidelines and minimum expectations for all BWH Postdoctoral Fellows and their PIs, including guaranteed paid time off, annual salary increases and career conferences, and responsibilities for mentoring. Please contact us with questions about specific policies.

The postdoc policy was last revised in May 2022.

For your convenience, we have also included both Form Fillable PDF and Word versions of the forms in the appendix. These include the following items:

Last Updated: 05/30/2022

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