BRI Research Faculty and Trainee Lunch: Associate Professors

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Tuesday, May 15th, 12 – 1PM, Zinner Boardroom

The BRI hosted a group of Associate Professors and research leadership for an open discussion on the many opportunities and resources available at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. As a grassroots initiative, the BRI strives to foster a responsive and collaborative environment to support the innovative and groundbreaking research from all of our investigators.

This particular rank of faculty wanted to discover how they, together with the members of the BRI Executive Committee, could move their ideas and research forward in a challenging funding environment. They acknowledged that the BRI has been able to facilitate this ongoing pursuit and that every small contribution has truly made a difference. Several grant and funding opportunities were discussed, such as the next Shark Tank awards, potential collaborations with the Development Office, and the career-advancing experiences attendees have had with the Translational Accelerator (TA). One associate professor described his own personal experience with the TA, how it positively affected his own career, as well as how it was able to help one of his colleagues form a successful company. The BRI hopes that these lunches can continue to serve as a helpful outlet for the various ranks of faculty here at the Brigham, so that attendees can ask questions, be heard, and connect with fellow researchers in the community.