Harvard Health Innovation Network (HHIN) Science Slam Success!

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On April 18th, the BRI co-hosted a Science Slam with Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and other institutions that comprise the Harvard Health Innovation Network (HHIN). The event was held at Daedalus Restaurant and Bar and was part of the Cambridge Science Festival.

HHIN members, colleagues, friends and family gathered to hear several brave “slammers” test their skills as science and/or health care communicators by pitching their research and innovations to the crowd. A range of original and inventive topics from impassioned researchers populated the restaurant. Each presenter had just three minutes to grab the audience’s attention and engage them with their focus area. Yielding to the “no PowerPoint policy,” slammers were left to battle it out with just their brains, presentation skills and props, if they so desired.

Laura Kiesel, a freelance writer from the Harvard Health news blog, impressed the crowd with her thoughts on chronic pain, and won the Science Slam, receiving a fun prize pack from the hosts. Her work has made appearances in publications such as The Guardian, Salon and The Atlantic, and she is truly passionate about chronic pain and related health conditions. Her innovative ideas on the topic helped bring her to the top of the lighthearted competition, yet every slammer must be commended for the courage they had in pitching their ideas in such an unusual environment.

The BRI and HHIN hope to continue bringing researchers and their fascinating ideas forward to the public who may not hear them otherwise. Our goal is to raise awareness to the amazing research that takes place within our institutions and opening people’s eyes to all that goes on behind the scenes in the vast world of health care.