Nobuhiko Hata, PhD

Department of Radiology, Department Representative


Dr. Nobuhiko Hata is Professor of Radiology at Harvard Medical School, and Technical Director of Image-guided Therapy Program at Department of Radiology, Brigham and Women’s Hospital. He is also a director of his independent laboratory called Surgical Navigation and Robotics Laboratory.

Dr. Hata earned a B.S. in 1993, a M.S. in 1995, and a Ph.D. in1998 all in Precision Machinery Engineering from the University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan.  Dr. Hata joined Image Guided Therapy Program at Brigham Women’s Hospital in 1995 as a visiting graduate student and continued his career at Harvard since then. Prof. Hata joined faculty of Harvard Medical School in 2000 as an Instructor, and later promoted to Assistant Professor in 2005 and Associate Professor in 2008. In fall of 2017, he was promoted to full Professor in Radiology at Harvard Medical School. 

Prof. Hata’s research program concentrates on image-guided therapy and medical robotics.  Dr. Hata has made contributions to developing image-guided therapy devices and have performed real clinical applications to gain first insight into the usefulness of the engineering methods used in the developed devices. Dr. Hata has left a substantial impact in navigation methods in MRI-guided therapies, enabling the new MRI-guided therapies, medical robotics for high precision in MRI-guided therapies and diagnosis to advance biological discoveries, and a multi-section continuum robot for pulmonary diagnosis and treatment.