Sourabh Soni, PhD

Former President, Postdoc Leadership Council (2021 - 2022)


Sourabh is a molecular biologist by training and specializes in cancer and pulmonary biology. He has been working as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Pediatric Newborn Medicine, BWH since April 2019 and his research focusses on investigating the role of AMPK-activation and autophagy in neonatal hyperoxia-induced lung injury mouse models. His doctoral thesis from CSIR-IHBT, India was entitled, ‘Elucidating the role of MAPKAPK2 as a potential anticancer target in the pathogenesis of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma’. As a long-term goal, Sourabh would like to contribute fundamentally to the field of molecular biology with an aim of being helpful to the society. Apart from science, he is a sports enthusiast and has a myriad of other interests that include reading and traveling. He has been involved with the Postdoctoral Leadership Council since 2019, including as the Co-chair of the Networking Committee and Vice President before becoming President.