BRI Community Program and Event Awards

Amount: $10,000 Maximum



This mechanism provides funding and limited BRI staffing to support programs and events that are designed to build relationships and foster new collaborations within the BWH research community. Examples include but are not limited to hosting research talks/symposia, workshops, poster sessions and networking events.

Requests must outline targeted research communities as well as anticipated outcomes and impact on future research efforts in this field. Events and programs designed to further interdisciplinary or interdepartmental research will be given priority.


• Requests in the amount of up to $10,000 will be considered.
• Funds will be awarded on a competitive basis
• Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis
• Applications will be evaluated and prioritized by BRI leadership
• The BRI is under no obligation to spend any or all the funds available to this mechanism and projects may be partially funded
• Funded activities must be completed within six months of the award date


  • Activities may pertain to any area of research, provided they are aimed at supporting cross-collaborative efforts that are interdepartmental/interdivisional.
  • BWH researchers at the postdoctoral level and above are eligible to apply. Individuals may serve as the PI of only one proposal but may be co-Is on multiple proposals.
  • Only requests from BWH researchers will be considered. However, external members (from other institutions, industry, government etc.) are welcome to be part of the group.
  • Recipient must remain at BWH for duration of the award, award will otherwise be forfeited.
  • Applications will be evaluated based on:
    • The motivation(s)/rationale for specified activities
    • The potential for such goals/motivations to be beneficial in the short or long term for the targeted population
    • The collaborative nature of the project.
  • Allowable expenses include (but are not limited to) catering and venue costs, travel and accommodation reimbursements for external speakers, etc.
  • Collaborations are encouraged but subcontracts will not be allowed.

Review Criteria

Requests must outline targeted research communities as well as anticipated outcomes and impact on future research efforts in this field. Applications with a collaborative aspect will be given preference.


  • Recipients must report on activity to the BRI at the end of the activity/funding.
  • Recipients must acknowledge the BRI in meetings, publications (posters, journal articles and grants) resulting from this support and must notify the BRI when such papers have been submitted.

Submission Requirements

Full Applications (rolling basis) should be submitted electronically via this link and must include the following:

  1.  Basic information, including
    • Applicant’s Name, Department and Division, BWH and HMS professional appointments, telephone number and e-mail address
    • Title of project
  1. Proposal (1-page limit, excluding references) detailing the following:
    • Introduction/Background/Rationale
    • Approach/Strategy
    • If a series is proposed, a timeline of activity with discrete milestones including a specific start date
    • Composition of existing/proposed team
    • Proposed metrics of success – how will success of this activity be measured?

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