Postdoc Scholars Award for Excellence in Mentoring

Deadline: October 16, 2023 11:59 pm

Amount: $1,000



This award recognizes postdoctoral fellows’ efforts in mentoring fellow postdocs, students or interns on research projects and/or career development. Winners are awarded a cash award of $1,000.


Nominations are blinded by ORC staff and then a preliminary scoring is done by the President and Vice President(s) of the BWH Postdoctoral Association. Final determination is made by ORC staff.


All BWH Postdoctoral Fellows are eligible to be nominated.

Fellows can be nominated by PIs, postdocs, students and/or research staff.

Self-nominations are accepted.

Review Criteria

Nominations are scored on three criteria:

  • Leadership qualities related to mentorship
  • Mentoring activities and experience
  • Contributions and/or impact on mentees and their communities



Submission Requirements

Nominations must be submitted digitally. You will be asked to provide the following:

  1. Name, Department, and email address of nominator and relationship to the postdoctoral nominee
  2. Name and Department of postdoctoral nominee
  3. A brief statement (250-500 words) of the postdoctoral fellow’s mentoring and its impact on the nominator’s development. Mentoring can relate to research design and progress, career and professional advice, personal guidance, and/or other aspects of a postdoctoral appointee’s development. The statement may also include descriptive accounts of how the nominee has served as a mentor for postdocs generally, and other mentoring examples as appropriate.

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