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Flyer for the Feb 16, 2023 Grants and External Funding Panel by the BWH PDA Career Development Committee

Grants and External Funding Panel | BWH PDA

Join Boston-area postdocs, students, and trainees for an informal discussion via Zoom with Drs Aly, Mahmood, and Pyarajan on the topics related to grant writing, grant reviews, what happens in

BWH PDA Bylaws

On November 29, 2022, the BWH PLC voted to ratify updated bylaws, to be reviewed biennially. These bylaws can be found in PDF form here.

PLC Meet and Greet in Wolf

Meet the leaders of the BWH Postdoctoral Association (BWH PDA) – now in Hale! The Postdoc Leadership Council (PLC) started these monthly meet and greet tables on the Pike, and