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This page includes information about distinguished awards and prizes that may be of interest to investigators at the Brigham. This information was gathered from various foundations, associations, and entities both internal and external to the Brigham, and may not be up to date with the information provided directly by the sponsoring entity.

Navigating the Database

You can sort, filter, and search within each tab below by using the controls in the top bar of that table. Click the “…” to download a CSV file (comma-separated values, compatible with Excel).

We have separated awards into categories based on whether they are nominated through BWH, must go through an additional process to nominate through HMS, or are invitation only through HMS (more details in the respective tabs below).

Useful Links:

Click here to access our Toolkit, which includes information and best practices on how to write a successful nomination letter, how to request institutional signatures, and how to track departmental nomination processes.

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