Brigham Musculoskeletal Research Internship Program


The Brigham Musculoskeletal (MSK) Internship Program, launched for the first time this summer, offers undergraduate students the opportunity to gain experience working in cutting-edge musculoskeletal research laboratories under the guidance of experienced mentors.

Five undergraduate students were chosen to participate in this 8-week program, which began in late June, each of whom was assigned a Brigham researcher as their mentor.

Each day this week, we will be introducing our MSK interns, their scientific interests, what they have been researching with their mentors, and what they hope to have gained from this experience at the completion of their internship.

Above is a photo from the MSK Welcome Luncheon featuring (from left to right): Adel Andemeskel, Anna Nachbor, Anthony Aggouras, Janis Lee, Isaac Donnell, and Jeffrey Duryea, PhD.

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