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Postdoc Scholars Award for Excellence in Mentoring

Nominations accepted annually in July.

$1,000 cash awards recognizing postdoctoral fellows’ efforts in mentoring fellow postdocs, students or interns on research projects and/or career development.

word cloud representing the BWH Mentoring Circles Program for postdocs

Mentoring Circles Program (MCP)

MCP is a program created by postdocs, for postdocs, to help fellows get the most out of their training at BWH. Two mentors (senior postdocs) meet 5-7 mentees (junior postdocs) on a monthly basis to give advice and advance their career.

Testimonials and Media Coverage

Article about the MCP written by former co-directors Chantal Kuhn and Zafira Castaño published in Nature Biotechnology, July 2016 Inaugural recipients of Harvard Medical School’s Program Award for Culture of Excellence in Mentoring

MCP Process

What is a Mentoring Circle? Mentoring Circles are groups of people who meet on a regular basis for an agreed upon length of time. Mentors are volunteer senior postdoctoral fellows

MCP Mission

The BWH-PDA has established the Mentoring Circles Program to help postdocs get the most out of their training at Brigham & Women’s Hospital. MCP is a program created by postdocs for postdocs,

Who We Are

The Mentoring Circles Program (MCP) is organized and led by 2 co-directors and supported by the Postdoc Leadership Council (PLC). Two mentors lead the individual circles containing 5-7 mentees. All of


Applications for Mentees and Mentors for 2023-2024 are now OPEN. The Mentoring Circles Program (MCP) is recruiting motivated mentors and mentees for the 2023-2024 academic year. MCP is created by