Graphic Medicine at Countway Library


Graphic medicine is a field of study, community of practice, and genre of comics that is commonly defined as the intersection of the medium of comics and the discourse of healthcare. In 2018, Countway Library began supporting this then emerging, now burgeoning, field through the development of a dedicated graphic medicine collection and programming such as author talks, book clubs, and creative workshops geared towards sharing the power of comics with the Longwood community. In the time since, the library’s collection has grown to become one of the largest circulating collections related to graphic medicine in the world and we’ve supported countless students, faculty, and staff in their exploration of how comics, and the creative visual arts more generally, can support the mission of Harvard Medical School.

Now, we are thrilled to be a host institution for the National Library of Medicine’s traveling exhibition dedicated to the field, titled Graphic Medicine: Ill-Conceived and Well-Drawn, in early 2024. The exhibition will be on display on the first floor near the Huntington Avenue entrance and accessible to the public during open building hours. This exhibition, made up of a series of banners and a dedicated website with digital exhibitions and suggested teaching tools, will be supplemented by programming throughout its time at Countway. Join us each week from January 9th until February 17th for a new opportunity to explore the role of comics in health and remember: our Graphic Medicine Collection is available to you at any time!

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