Meet Our MSK Interns: Anna Nachbor


Anna Nachbor is a junior at Carleton College majoring in biology. This summer, she is working in the Shadick lab under the guidance of Nancy Shadick, MD, MPH, and focusing on rheumatoid arthritis. Specifically, she is working on the BRASS project, which assesses genetic markers as a means of predicting how severe a case of arthritis is or will be and how individuals will respond to different treatments. Her interests include both the clinical and research aspects of immunology and epidemiology, and she hopes that through this internship, she will gain invaluable and tangible research experience. She anticipates that the most difficult part of her internship will be mastering the already-established workflow. However, she is excited to explore the patient aspect of research and plans to pursue an MD/PhD program after graduation, focusing on medical research.

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