PLC Communications Committee

The Communications committee’s mission is to communicate opportunities, events, and ideas with the BWH postdoc community.

Some of our activities include:

  • Maintaining the BWH PDA social media sites.
  • Generating a biannual BWH PDA newsletter covering news items and features of interest to the postdoc community.
  • Recruiting writers and solicit topics of interest for the BWH PDA newsletter.
  • Creating new BWH PLC promotional materials.
  • Consulting with other committees to promote coordination for website and social media content.

Recent Activities

2nd Immigration Q&A with Rachel Casseus, Esq

Do you want to know more about green card and visa options for foreign national researchers? Join our second ‘Immigration Q&A’ with Rachel Casseus, Esq., an Immigration Attorney, specializing in

Front page of the 2022 Spring/Summer issue of The BWH Post(Doc)

The BWH Post(Doc): Spring/Summer 2022

Interested in joining the editorial team or becoming a contributor? Have a question, comment, or idea about an article? Let us know! Please contact Shang-Chuen Wu, the Chair of the Communications Committee.

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