CALL FOR NOMINATIONS for the BRI Research Oversight Committee (ROC)


We would like to announce a Call for Nominations for FOUR elected members of the BRI Research Oversight Committee to serve from October 2017-September 2020. The available positions and terms are:

Basic Science Senior FacultyClinical Research Senior Faculty
Clinical Research Junior FacultyPopulation Science Junior Faculty

BACKGROUND:  The Brigham Research Institute (BRI) is governed by the ROC. The ROC is made up of department representatives, BRI Center and Program Co-Chairs, and the BRI Executive Committee. The ROC was established to foster transparency and accountability in the decision making process for the research enterprise and to plan new strategic initiatives. Please visit the BRI website to learn more about the BRI and the composition of the ROC.


PURPOSE:  Representatives will participate in discussions, promote the interests of their community within the BRI and report back to their respective communities on items of interest. The representatives will gain valuable experience and exposure to the oversight and management of a large research enterprise. This is a great opportunity to get involved with the research leadership and strategic direction of the research agenda at BWH.


REQUIREMENTS:  Representatives are expected to attend monthly ROC meetings held in the Zinner Boardroom from 7:30-9:00am on the fourth Thursday of each month.


ELIGIBILITY: Instructors and Assistant Professors are eligible for the junior faculty positions and Associate Professors and Professors are eligible for the senior faculty position.


TERMS/TIMEFRAME: Representatives should plan to serve one three-year term on the ROC, with the possibility of a renewal. Nominations will be accepted until August 22. Elections will conclude in October 2017 and terms will be from October 2017 – September 2020.

PROCESS:  A call for nominations issued to the entire BWH community – nominations accepted at

  • Nominees will be contacted and asked to accept or decline their candidacy
  • Candidates will be asked to write a brief statement of intent to be posted (along with a photo)
  • An election will be held to choose the representatives


NOMINATIONS:  BWH employees may nominate themselves or their peers by Monday August 22 by visiting


QUESTIONS:  Further questions can be directed to the BRI, at

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