Cancer Research Center

Cancer encompasses a diverse group of neoplasms with distinct epidemiologic, genetic, pathologic, and clinical features. Translating new insights arising from cancer research into improved prevention, diagnosis, and treatment requires multi-disciplinary, interactive groups of investigators and clinicians working in an environment that permits them to bring their unique talents to bear effectively and synergistically on different aspects of these diseases.

The BRI Cancer Research Center’s mission is to promote excellence in fundamental and translational cancer research at BWH; to foster the interdisciplinary interactions that are necessary to solve central questions pertaining to cancer pathogenesis, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment; to determine the impact of cancer and its treatment on patient quality-of-life; and to communicate these advances and insights to the larger outside community of scientists, physicians, policy makers, and the general public. In doing so, the Center helps maintain BWH’s strong leadership position in Cancer Research. During fiscal year 2023, more than 400 BWH PIs conducted cancer-related research in excess of $127 million total costs, including funding from the National Cancer Institute and several foundations for cancer-related research.

Center Overview

Throughout the long history of cancer research at BWH, our investigators have influenced the understanding and treatment of cancers such as a novel surgical technique (extrapleural pneumonectomy) to treat mesothelioma and identification of risk factors for breast cancer through the Nurses’ Health Study among others.

BWH investigators are nationally and internationally recognized got their contributions to advances in cancer research and are recipients of prestigious awards including being one of the only five National Cancer Institute(NCI) Ovarian Specialized Programs of Research Excellence (SPOREs) in the United States.

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Center Working Group

The BRI Cancer Research Center is looking for cancer researchers with a Brigham affiliation to serve on the Center’s working group. If you would like to help shape the goals and activities of the Center, please click here to indicate your interest.

To learn more about the hospital’s efforts in cancer research, visit the Dana-Farber Brigham Cancer Center web page. For more information about the Cancer Research Center, email

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The following open funding opportunities are filtered by keywords related to cancer in the title, sponsor, or summary. These are a subset of the funding opportunities you can find on our main funding page here.