Cardiovascular, Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders

The rise in obesity, diabetes, and related cardiovascular disease worldwide, has prompted the need for a further understanding of the causes and mechanisms underlying cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome.

The mission of the BRI Cardiovascular, Diabetes, and Metabolic Disorders Research Center is to integrate research efforts in these areas to increase sharing of resources and ideas that will improve prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of these disorders in ways that would be unfeasible for an individual research group or department.

Center Overview

In the long history of cardiovascular care at BWH, our investigators have a strong track record of translating research findings into treatments such as the use of ACE inhibitors as an international standard to improve survival in heart attack patients and the clinical use of the C-reactive protein as an inflammatory biomarker to assess heart disease risk.

Our investigators are the proud recipients of national and international awards including the Hermann Blumgart Award of the Society of Nuclear Medicine, and the Clinical Research Prize of the American Heart Association. 

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To learn more about the hospital’s effects in cardiovascular care, visit BWH’s Heart and Vascular Center of Excellence site. For more information about the Cardiovascular, Diabetes, and Metabolic Disorders Research Center, email

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