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The Brigham Research Institute (BRI) and Office for Research Careers (ORC) are pleased to support the microgrants/personal expense defrayment grants pilot program.

Fund to Sustain Research Excellence

The Brigham Research Institute has developed the Fund to Sustain Research Excellence designed to offer interim support to independent investigators who submitted a non-mentored NIH grant application that was reviewed but missed the funding payline. Recipients will be chosen based on need and merit.

BRIght Futures Prize 2021 Request for Proposals

The BRIght Futures Prizes support investigators across the Brigham Research Institute (BRI) as they work to
answer provocative questions or solve grand problems. This Fund, which is supported philanthropically, and
the work it sponsors advances the mission of the BRI by catalyzing the kind of innovative translational
research that is only possible at an academic medical center, where basic researchers and clinicians
work side by side.